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International Encounters - Briefe in die USA und Videogespräche nach Japan

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichtes tauschte die 2.A.-Klasse nicht nur Briefe mit Jugendlichen einer amerikanischen Schule aus, sondern übte die englische Sprache auch bei Videogesprächen mit einer Japanerin. Hier sind die Eindrücke der Schülerinnen und Schüler.

Hello, our names are Mathilda, Linda, Laura und Nina!

We would like to tell you about our class project with Mai. She tells topics in such an incredibly exciting and interesting way that you have to listen to her! We really liked all of the conference call with Mai. We think that speaking English with Mai is very helpful for our communication.

Mai told us about many special events and celebrations in her homeland, Japan. There are

great topics like “Sakura“, and “Christmas“. The Christmas lesson showed us Christmas in different countries. One time she told us about „Sakura“, the cherry blossom festival in Japan. These are a few of our favourite topics, too! She also made PowerPoint presentation to help us understand the topics better, sometimes with pictures of her and her family.

We also think it was great that we were allowed to ask questions and she answered them clearly.

You can learn a lot of exciting things! So thank you for a lot of fun with Mai!


Heissenberger Nina, Gutmann Linda, Kapper Mathilda, Spirk Laura


Hello, we are Paula and Michelle and we were part of the pen pal project. We wanted to say a few things about it. All of our pen pals are from Ohio and they go to the Queen of Peace Achool. We learned so much about their country, culture and about their life in America. Writing the letters was a lot of fun because you could ask plenty of things like their age, favourite colour or pets. Our class also learned about a lot of new sports like American football,

baseball or cheerleading. We love the food they have in America. We wish we could have that much candy to choose from. Last but not least we wanted to thank our teacher and school for making all of this happen.


Paula Herzer, Michelle Kohl

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